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“When you wear a hat, it is like medicine for the soul. The hat is the expression of who you are as a women in every moment! The hat is your dreams of who you can be. It facilitates the different parts of who you are: With the wave of the hat, voila! You are mysterious…no, you are sexy…now proper…now playful.”

Wearing a hat is like having a baby or a puppy; everyone stops to  talk about it.”Louise Green

You will need courage, but above all a cute or sexy bikini to match with your hat style.

Find more info thanks to , the clasification in hats is awsome, description, image, how to clean it, etc.

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The sense of fashion must be personal, personality is what we are looking to create a perfect outfit, good taste should be the starting point each morning and should be for everyone.
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  • Channery
    September 25, 2011

    You put the lime in the coconut and drink the arcitle up.

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