Pineapple is a choice

Shay Mitchell wearing more than one pineapple

The pattern is very cool pineapples , is a favorite of many . Go searching yours for the next vacation .
Singers, actresses and models have worn this trend for some months .


Pink and pineapples



Accesories with pineapples


A new trend: pineapples

A new trend: pineapples


Spring is coming, and is striped

High waist bikini, stripes top

Striped swimsuit is ideal for combining with different colors.
White and black , white and blue colors used to combine as coral, blue, orange , spring is coming.

Black and white bikini

Black and white bikini

striped 2

Black and white high waist

striped coral

Coral and stripes

Kendall Jenner, all about print

Wearing a floral print bikini

Kendall Jenner uses different patterns stylish bikinis by the pool or on the beach. One of the most promising Kardashians sisters in modeling career.

Wearing a blue print bikini

Wearing a blue print bikini


Wearing a black and gray print bikini


Wearing a colorful print bikini

Rihanna at Harper’s Bazaar

The shoot was inspired by the 40th anniversary of Jaws.
It´s a gold bikini that shows not fear about jaw.
Rihanna Goes Swimming With Sharks For Harper’s Bazaar.

Rihanna Goes Swimming With Sharks For Harper's Bazaar

Rihanna Goes Swimming With Sharks For Harper’s Bazaar

Amy Winehouse

As a huge fan of Amy Winehouse could not miss.

a great talent and style like no other, her voice and look, a mixture of genius.

Amy Winehouse, rest in peace.

Show it with pride!

Shoulders are always going under, but now it’s time to show them in a beautiful frame with the following swimwear.

There are many interesting options, textures and colors help to enhance your beautiful tan and your attitude is the best!

The Kardashian´s style!

This is the DIVA style!

Around the world, this is a style to see.

Leave a comment, so they can tell about it.

Cover down!

Pareo time!

For those places so uncomfortable, you do not have to suffer, so check out these options.

Ideal complement for the best.

From the hottest fashion and beauty trends, and how to wear them!!

Each style, budget, color, kind, and place for you… wear it.

A royal way!

Like a princess!

Maintaining a personal style, a completely neat and elegant.

So, keep it that way.